Embracing the Lean/Agile Mindset

Embracing the Lean/Agile Mindset

. Embracing the Lean/Agile Mindset

by Joel Chew

Helping Agile teams focus on Lean Thinking is a must in today's world.  Having the Agile mindset is more important than over-emphasizing which Agile framework is the best to choose.


* Joel will explain Lean ideas and how to apply them to your projects.

* Optimizing flow, minimizing Work in Progress, and creating Value Stream analyses to eliminate non-value added processes is a large part of true Lean Thinking.

* Joel will continue with this Introduction to Lean Software Development by providing the foundation framework for Lean Thinking for your team, large or small.

This is a look at the Classic View of LEAN and LEAN THinking, often referring back to the LEAN manufacturing model which LEAN Software is based on.


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