Lean & Visual Metrics

Lean & Visual Metrics

Lean & Visual Metrics

by Tom Stone of Cerner

Tom Stone will discuss his dissertation at Temple‚Äôs Fox School of Business on the impact on software development productivity of both training and coaching as well as the use of "lean" metrics in conjunction with team meetings.  Lean metrics are visual, easily understood, accessible, timely and actionable.  Scrum managers were instructed on how to use these metrics in team meeting prior to dissemination.

Results of the training/coaching sessions indicate a substantial impact on productivity (cycle time reduction). The analysis of the impact of lean metrics is still underway, but the data so far seems to indicate that the productivity impact requires an extended period of exposure. 

Positive results seen in surveys of teams will be covered.  Also, any short term impact on team attitudes and understanding of lean/agile practices and metrics will be exposed.

Tom's dissertation was completed this month, so these findings are current and applicable to today's marketplace. 


Tom Stone's background is 23 years at SMS/Siemens in Finance and Strategy. For the past three years, Tom has been on the faculty at Penn State - Abington.

While at Siemens, he worked with Bennet Vallet and Dan Vacanti to measure productivity following the roll out of Kanban at Siemens.



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